Abraham Clayt, You turned one yesterday. Of you and your brothers, you’re the third one to be one, but right now you’re the only one that actually is one and that’s special. You’re the baby (at least for now and maybe always). You’re cheeks are so squishy it hurts to look at them without kissing them. You … More

Great is Thy Faithfulness | The Boekell’s 2013 in (photo) Review

We received such a rich bounty of tangible grace, from the loving hand of God, in 2013, but our only worthwhile boast and authentic  joy was found in Jesus alone and whatever 2014 brings, this will remain forever true. Summer and winter and springtime and harvest, Sun, moon and stars in their courses above Join with all … More Great is Thy Faithfulness | The Boekell’s 2013 in (photo) Review


five these things you are to me, no less but more than all my dreams you are for eighteen hundred twenty six our days unfolding you to me as laughter, partner, mother, lover, friend your words your thoughts expression too your wit so quick and smartly formed brings laughter to my weary bones and amplifying … More five