oil for my head


of changing plans? of changing calling?
is this my will or yours? or yours alone?
resistant to the counsel of the rest,
in selflessness or selfishness i wince against their words.

we stare the future down together.
unknown, to me, is where You wish me walk.
no questions of Your steadfast love unending,
but many of the path You bid me trod.

the calling was so vivid in my mind,
coursing through my heart, my soul, my veins, my fingertips.
to whence You called and how we’d travel,
reckless, to the land which You would show.

and, go! my heart cried out…
go hard! go now! abandon false security.
but counsel cries out, “stop, you fool!
lions will devour you and yours, with great delight.”

wise men speak contradiction to my heart,
which i had deemed infallible.
in turmoil, now i find my soul and mind,
as questions, prayers, and silence fill the days.

i pray to know Your will for us.
all other paths are dust to dust.
but may the calvary road be mine. forever mine!
this heart of softening clay, reluctantly, is Yours.

lead me in your ways unshackled,
but yet enslaved, for joy, to Your good hand.
as friends, and flesh, and fools, give counsel,
may Your will shine forth brighter than the dawn.

-may Your pace win my willing gait.
-may Your plans architect the build.

and may i find You more to me,
than all the world could yield this life.
please, fix my gaze alone on You
to run unhindered now… and then… into Your faithful arms.

and hold my face and kiss my lips,
the Treasure of my weary soul.
bring comfort, peace, and joy forever
with just one look into Your loving eyes.

rest. and clarity. forever mine.


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