immortal GOD, beyond the wildest dreams we can compose,
where can we run to hide from who YOU are, or bid us live to be?
with love pursuing, never ceasing, chasing us, you woo us near,
your lovers, who through trick and choice abandoned you so flippantly.
and now, although we flee and thumb our nose in your direction still,
you passionately romance us with laughter, pain, and gentle touch.
our trust is hesitant, the thought of love horrific as it thrills.
the heart of man however, silenced not, from haunting cries to know a lover such.


3 thoughts on “contemplation

  1. Cool Paul, it is wonderful to know that GOD chastens those who HE loves. Not that we are free to sin, but we are free to life everlasting and we chose not to sin but to live in CHRIST and the love of the FATHER.

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