who shall bring a charge against the Lord’s elect,
shall common man or prince or king,
or lords of kingdoms yet to rise,
or champions past or throngs that yell?
not them nor all the powers of hell!
not anyone but God Himself, who chose
to crush His Son, to seal the fate
of those predestined for His love.
from which His call one cannot flee.
conformed to be, and image bear
of Christ the Everlasting King.
and one day with great hosts to sing,
that pain and joy and death and life,
were for God’s children flawless good.
and love wins not by tolerance,
but through a Self-Exalting Lover’s
air tight plan, to call His own
and spurn the rest, for this was best
for His own glory and the fame
of Christ His only Son.

2011-12-13 07.59.51

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