photo 2


these things you are to me, no less
but more than all my dreams you are
for eighteen hundred twenty six
our days unfolding you to me
as laughter, partner, mother, lover, friend

your words your thoughts expression too
your wit so quick and smartly formed
brings laughter to my weary bones
and amplifying happiness with
effortless and colored verse eloquently voiced

two born, one more conceived in you
children of your loins they call you mom-mom
with their faces bright they bear
your likeness, nourished by your hands
mouth and mind, well fed by your dear soul

the waters rise, the wind drops olden trees
but i blink not because you’re by my side
come hell in all it’s fury as it has
and will again just hold my hand dear wife
the storms will batter us towards endless joy

lips like cream, silken skin, and eyes like moss
that stab me. hair that lingers in my mouth
as i lay tangled with your arms
and legs and breasts and hips my heart beats
without mercy your touch alone my hunger satisfies

i catch my breath

known deeply by the other friend and found out
shameless. forgiveness, patience, grace unmeasured
flows from Christ to you to me
the bond grows more unbreakable as moments prove
you dearer still than all the lives that brush with mine

from now to death it will be so

to know you is to love you
to love you is a prize
unmatched in all the treasure
stores of this wide world so wide
laughter, mother, partner, lover, friend
no less than this but so much more
exist in you my prize my love
the matchless grace of God you are to me

photo 3

(happy anniversary, Sarah Beth!)


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