five these things you are to me, no less but more than all my dreams you are for eighteen hundred twenty six our days unfolding you to me as laughter, partner, mother, lover, friend your words your thoughts expression too your wit so quick and smartly formed brings laughter to my weary bones and amplifying … More five

only Jesus

i only find life when i live in You i only find joy when i’m glad in You i fly only by the wings that are mine in You i only find heart when it beats in You i only find hope when i hope in You i only find love when i’m owned by … More only Jesus


immortal GOD, beyond the wildest dreams we can compose, where can we run to hide from who YOU are, or bid us live to be? with love pursuing, never ceasing, chasing us, you woo us near, your lovers, who through trick and choice abandoned you so flippantly. and now, although we flee and thumb our … More contemplation