who shall bring a charge against the Lord’s elect, shall common man or prince or king, or lords of kingdoms yet to rise, or champions past or throngs that yell? not them nor all the powers of hell! not anyone but God Himself, who chose to crush His Son, to seal the fate of those … More unstoppable


immortal GOD, beyond the wildest dreams we can compose, where can we run to hide from who YOU are, or bid us live to be? with love pursuing, never ceasing, chasing us, you woo us near, your lovers, who through trick and choice abandoned you so flippantly. and now, although we flee and thumb our … More contemplation

oil for my head

of changing plans? of changing calling? is this my will or yours? or yours alone? resistant to the counsel of the rest, in selflessness or selfishness i wince against their words. we stare the future down together. unknown, to me, is where You wish me walk. no questions of Your steadfast love unending, but many … More oil for my head