Paul Boekell was born and raised in Huntington, WV where his parents served as local missionaries with Child Evangelism Fellowship.  In his teenage years, Paul served with his parents in the ministry and at the end of High School he would attend Appalachian Bible College for a year before returning to Huntington to pursue a photography degree at Marshall University.

While at Marshall, Paul would meet the love of his life, Sarah Beth, and they would be married in October of 2008. Their first child, Isaiah Christian, was born in October of 2010, Ezra Charles was born in July of 2012, Abraham Clayt in March of 2014, and their forth addition to the family (second oldest child and only daughter) Phoenix Juliet was born in February of 2012 (officially a Boekell in February of 2016). After his relationship with God, Paul considers his family to be his number one priority, and he is called to pastor them above anyone else.

Paul is currently a pastor at Redemption Church in Huntington, WV and runs a very small scale photography business on the side.

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