One Night Ago (a short story)

i was asked to take part in a shared story telling event called Advent Ghost 2014. My friend from Story Warren, Loren Eaton, organized this. You should check out his blog here. This is my first ever work of fiction. i has a blast. The main requirement was that the story be 100 words exactly. Here are the results:

One Night Ago
One night ago, while three young men slept soundly dreaming of applesauce, foxes, and the color red, the shadows in the room shifted eerily with an explosion of glass. Brave as they were, the snake-like beast was frightful to behold as burning eyes lit up their tiny room. The pungent smell of boyhood on his breath singled this was not his first stop. Frantic breathing singled this would not be his last. Or would it? Heroes don’t choose, they are chosen and as their blue eyes met in an instant teeth and slime met the tiny hands of warriors.

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